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By Judith Hart, Employment Specialist with Next-Steps Employment Centre – Mississauga Meadowvale


ENGAGE: Your online behaviour matters! It leaves behind clues about your personality.

In our highly connected world, where practically everyone can see everyone at any given time, our behaviours get ‘magnified’. Every key we push on our various devices leave a ‘digital footprint’ that gets analyzed by marketers, future employers, and business researchers.  Ask yourself these questions to better understand what digital footprint you are leaving behind.

  • Are you thoughtful and ethical in your online responses/behaviour?
  • Are you addressing your contacts personally or simply filling out templates already designed by the platform?
  • Listen first before you react, reply, write or share. Ask yourself, why?
  • Develop the habit of asking questions at the end of your postings; then analyze who replied and start the conversation thus building up a rapport with individuals and groups.
  • Are you truthful and authentic in engaging others?
  • Do you want quality friends or just build quantity?
  • How engaging is your content? Does it reflect new thinking? Does it advance thought?
  • What is your online etiquette? Are you polite?

In a survey from The Creative Group, advertising and marketing executives were asked to cite the strangest or most surprising thing they’ve discovered when searching online for information about potential creative and marketing hires.  Read this article to see to what they found.


Final check: Watch out for these 7 Social Media building blocks:

  1. SHARING – Share posts that are relevant to your field / industry. Share posts on topics you are interested in, and by people who are influencers in your field.
  2. PRESENCE – Try using a variety of social media platforms so that you have a wide presence. Create a professional profile and share articles / posts updates to maintain a presence.
  3. RELATIONSHIPS – Respond to people’s post by answering questions, sharing opinions and helpful tips. Compliment others for their posts. Ask questions and build relationships online.
  4. IDENTITY – Be mindful of privacy – you have complete control over how much or how little you want to share.
  5. CONVERSATIONS – You have an opportunity to engage in conversations when you have something useful or interesting to add. Alternatively you can simply follow conversations by others to gain information.
  6. GROUPS – A useful way to manage relationships, join different groups based on your professional interests and industry. Join conversations and gather information.
  7. REPUTATION – How are you viewed by others? How many followers do you have? Are others interacting with your posts? Do you interact with others posts? This includes sharing posts, “liking” posts, and commenting.

Want more details and information on the above points?  Watch this:



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