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SOCIAL MEDIA FOR JOB SEARCH: Personal Image Branding

Written by Judith Hart, Employment Specialist with Next-Steps Employment Centre – Mississauga Meadowvale



We live in a world of perception, where image rules and first impressions matter a great deal! Managing your image is important as it allows you to take control over what others perceive/think about you… especially potential employers. Building a perception is not easy or quick; therefore you need to consider a few questions before you embark on building your personal brand:

  1. How do you want to be seen or heard, professionally speaking? Have you ever Googled your name? See what information already exists on the internet, as this will impact how others perceive you.
  2. What is that ONE WORD that comes to my mind when others think of you?
  3. How would you want people to remember you?
  4. What are the top 5 skills you want to be known for or remembered by? Do you have data or case studies or an e-portfolio to show evidence?
  5. Is my perception about you relevant to the industry of your choice?
  6. Do you look like your industry in your image, attire and overall style?
  7. Do you have a story? Who is your target audience? What would attract your target audience?
  8. Are you shy to show a professional head shot in the summary of LinkedIn? Job candidates whose profile picture is shown increase their connections and visibility by 14x, according to latest LinkedIn data as shared by LinkedIn Canada at the Youth Connect Conference (2017).

Treat your ‘brand’ as an INVESTMENT that matures at a certain point in time. Your brand is your life investment and will play a role in determining your ‘worth’ in the eyes of the employers.

Read this Personal Branding Checklist by LinkedIn to test your knowledge on Personal Branding at 3 levels: Getting Started, Intermediate, and Advanced.  This has been designed by LinkedIn to help you evaluate your current level of Personal Branding.

Watch my short video to better understand the value of personal branding and how we teach it here at our workshops.  Click here for our work shop calendars and start building your personal brand!


Would you like to learn more on Personal Branding?  Watch this video from one of the world’s foremost Personal Branding guru’s: William Arruda.


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