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HAS YOUR JOB SEARCH STALLED? Here are the Most Common Reasons Why and How to Fix Them

Written by Ann Mossop, Employment Specialist with Next-Steps Employment Centre – Downsview

Has Your Job Search Stalled? Here Are The Most Common Reasons Why:

  • Your marketing pieces (Resume, Cover Letter & LinkedIn Profile) do not meet expectations.
  • Your interview skills and follow-up are lacking. You need to communicate your value.
  • You have no strategy.
  • All of the above

Step Back & Re-Evaluate: Take a week or two away from your current approach to assess your results thus far, and to pinpoint areas of improvement. Then make the changes. Check-in with a career professional, recruiters and potential hiring managers by asking for feedback and networking before an opportunity becomes available. Avoid the knee-jerk reaction of responding to postings only and position yourself favorably before an opportunity becomes available in organizations of high interest to you.

People Hire People. Think Strategically & Start Connecting!

Please step away from on-line postings and get active. Networking and Social Media are essential and foundational in creating job search strategies that utilize current technology in effective ways. Limit your time on job search boards.

Change-up your Personal Branding Package: Renovate your Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Profile. Leverage everything you have to offer in concise, personal and authentic marketing pieces.

  • Know your story and the name of the job you want.
  • Give your resume a makeover. These days, a typical resume is scanned for just 6 to 10 seconds. Format your resume to be read quickly and in small bites.
  • Target every Cover Letter to the position and company. Having a strong cover letter will never hurt your chances.
  • Maximize the use of LinkedIn; engage more frequently with your LinkedIn networks. One of the best ways to do this is to actively participate in LinkedIn’s industry and interest groups. Fully embrace all aspects of Social Media to enhance your personal brand and present the way employers search and find candidates.

Implement the Top 10 Interview Tips

  1. Research the employer, the company, the hiring manager and the job opportunity
  2. Review common interview questions and prepare responses. Prepare for Behavioural questions
  3. Dress for Success
  4. Arrive on time relaxed and prepared
  5. Open strong and prepare for the question “Tell me about yourself” relevant to the position
  6. Be authentic, candid, concise and engaged
  7. Be mindful of body language, tone and content through preparation and practice
  8. Ask thoughtful and insightful questions
  9. Sell yourself and close the deal
  10. Thank the interviewer(s) in person and with a follow-up email

Stay Positive:  Do strive to learn something from every rejection, misstep and disappointment along the way. Constantly seek ways to improve your presentation, interview skills, and resumes by monitoring what gets results and what doesn’t. Get into a healthy routine and create a daily schedule. Ask career professionals for advice, listen and implement the suggestions made.


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