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SUPERCHARGE YOUR JOB SEARCH: No Job Interviews? Here’s What You Need to Start Doing

Written by Ann Mossop, Employment Specialist with Next-Steps Employment Centre – Downsview

How do you supercharge your job search efforts?  Follow these 10 steps.

  1. Assess your financial situation and find out if you qualify for government assistance or other supports. If you qualify, apply for them. Having a clear understanding of your ongoing budget and expenses as well as finding available supports can help lessen the stress of job searching and help focus your efforts during this transitional period.
  2. Get Professional Assistance and access Next-Steps Employment Centres, or other Employment Ontario Service Providers. Register and connect with existing services AT NO COST to you! This can be a challenging task to get back to work and you will need an Action Plan, support, feedback and current information. Your future depends on it! Attend our workshops and seminars to stay up to date on effective job search techniques and have a professional online presence with LinkedIn.
  3. Take Stock & Assess Yourself relevant to the local Labour Market conditions. Know the qualifications, skills, and job title that matches your target. How long will it take to get a job? Set deliberate SMART goals and write them down to continue healthy career development during this downtime.
  4. Explore your options and do research to better understand where you “fit” in the market. Am I qualified to do my previous job in today’s labour market? Are there a limited number of job postings in my occupation? Do I have all the skills that I need for the job that I am targeting?
  5. Develop Your Resume, Cover Letter, and Digital Portfolio (if relevant); establish a LinkedIn presence and your own personal brand. Attend our free workshops at any one of 7 Next-Steps locations. Get feedback from a career professional and research what is current in today’s market. Include keywords and understand how to format your resume for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).
  6. Network Effectively: Have a strategy and implement your job search campaign by tapping into the hidden job market. Utilize Informational Interviewing and Networking to connect with employers and your next job opportunity. Become proficient at both of these techniques.
  7. Schedule Your Time: Schedule three weeks out and place networking opportunities with friends, former colleagues, bosses and add Job Fairs into the mix. Use your time wisely to follow-up on submissions already sent to employers. Incorporate exercise and time away from home into your new routine. Connect with people and network.
  8. Develop Your Interview Skills: Attend workshops to learn the latest techniques. Do a Mock Interview or a practice interview with a Career Professional.
  9. Send Thank You Letters: Be patient and follow-up after networking and interview contact has been made. Express gratitude for any help given!
  10. Evaluate your results against effort: Track your job search and log submissions on an Excel spreadsheet or create a manual system to track.


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