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Letter of Gratitude for the Enhanced Language Training Program

ELTWe are thrilled to share this correspondence sent to the ELT program. This is one of the many positive testimonials we hear from our clients.

Subject:  Showing my gratitude

I am writing to express my gratitude to TDSB Community Services for offering the Essential Language Training (ELT) Information Technology program and for having Susan A. as the instructor of the class.  Thank you so much!

At the beginning, I was not confident of the real outcome and not knowing what it will turn out to be; today, I am so grateful for this training.

In the class, I was made aware and developed the courteous way of communicating.   Now I know when not use (WANT, CAN, TOLD) when making requests or expressing concerns.  For instance, prior to the class, after reading a customer care reply letter, I found it normal. After the lesson, the letter suddenly became so rude.

I would also like to mention that the mock interview video was very valuable. It was any eye opener to see ourselves performing.  I have appreciated the possibility to review the interview in class and to have comments from my classmates too.  I have learned from my mistakes.

Because this training was so important to me, I have postponed my interviews to either after the 8 weeks are finished or after the class hours.  I did not want to miss even a second; that lead me to a perfect attendance: No delays, no absences.

Now I feel more confident and more equipped to face Canadian society and workplace challenges. Being courteous is not only for the workplace, it is for everywhere.  What I have got through this training means more than diamonds to me and I will always be grateful.

Thank you again to Susan, my instructor, for the lessons, the patience, and most of all her kindness.  Thank you to Jermain, my job developer, for his patience and understanding.  Thank you to the sector specific instructor Khalid who encouraged, advised, and challenged us every Friday until the end. Thank you to all the ELT staff and management.

Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Sincerely yours,
Karly K.
ELT IT Client, Session 126



Enhanced Language Training helps internationally-trained newcomers improve their business English skills for the workplace and gain Canadian experience. This 14-week program includes an 8-week in-class training portion and the opportunity to obtain a 6-week work placement. Classes are taught by industry professionals and offer the opportunity to network, improve employment skills and use tools and equipment to facilitate learning.

Classes are held from 9 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., Monday to Friday. The program is followed by 12 weeks of job development support to help participants with job search and interview participation.

The program focuses on the following sectors: Accounting, Customer Service and Administration, Engineering, IT, Sales and Marketing, and Financial Services.

For more info, eligibility, or to register for the next session click here.

To register for the next ELT Session, please

Please contact the YMCA if you need to complete a Language Assessment: 416-925-5462


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