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Labour Market Information Websites

Written by A. Woelk-Webb, Employment Specialist with Next-Steps Employment Centre – Dundas-Dixie


What Labour Market Websites Offer

Labour Market Information (LMI) includes valuable content to help you learn more about various careers and industries. They include insights on future trends, projected outlooks, salary information, skills and requirements, education requirements, and descriptions of job duties for various careers.

Good LMI websites provide current and accurate labour market information in surveys, reports, and other statistical documents. It is important to learn about your preferred industry as what you learn can help make you more competitive in your job search.  They could also be an insightful resource if you are considering a career change.
For example, the Ontario Labour Market web page has a full menu of options including but not limited to: career & job seekers, LMI tools, education & training, research & data. The focus of this site is for those who live and/or work in Ontario.


  1. WORKING IN PEEL/HALTON – LMI for Peel & Halton regions
  2. ONTARIO GOVERNMENT – LMI and statistics for Ontario
  3. JOB BANK – Government site for information on wages, careers, job postings & more
  4. NATIONAL OCCUPATIONAL CLASSIFICATION – The National Occupational Classification (NOC) is the authoritative resource on occupational information in Canada providing a standard taxonomy and framework for dialogue on Labour Market Information. It gathers more than 30,000 occupational titles into 500 Unit Groups, organized according to skill levels and skill types.

Employer Information Resources

  • GREATER TORONTO’S TOP EMPLOYERS 2017: This yearly report evaluates employers on eight criteria: (1) physical workplace; (2) work atmosphere and social; (3) health, financial and family benefits; (4) vacation and time-off; (5) employee communications; (6) performance management; (7) training and skills development; and (8) community involvement.
  • GLASSDOOR: This website has employee reviews from over 39,000 employees. Read their reviews as all company reviews are contributed anonymously by employees.
  • SCOTTS DIRECTORIES: An an extensive suite of online databases to assist you in reaching the right businesses and people quickly and easily. Their 100% verified databases offer in-depth profiles that are searchable by key business metrics in order to segment your audience for maximum relevance.  Free to use at all of the Next-Steps Employment Centres 
  • CONFERENCE BOARD OF CANADA : Helps in finding the skills that employers are looking for in their teams.

For more information, job search assistance, workshops, resources, hiring events, and much more, visit



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