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NETWORKING TIPS: 30 Second Elevator Speech

Written by Shilpi Banerjee, Employment Specialist with Next-Steps Employment Centre – Scarborough

An elevator speech is a brief dialogue that describes who you are professionally and highlights your skills and experience. You can share the elevator speech at any given time because you never know when an opportunity will come knocking at your door, and often it comes unannounced. Be ready to set the stage on fire & impress any potential employer!

Sample Template

Step 1: List skills, abilities, work experience and training – anything you would like a potential employer to know about you.
Step 2: Now put all points together into a paragraph. This is your first draft of your 30 Second Elevator Speech. Remember to keep it brief.
Step 3: Practice presenting your summary out loud. Memorize it so it sounds natural. Continue to improve and revise it until you are satisfied. Do not be afraid to modify your speech to fit each situation.

Sample Speeches

Hello, my name is _______. I am an experienced food server in the fast food industry. I have operated both manual & computerized cash registers. I always offer service with a smile to my customers. My co-workers have recognized me as “employee of the month” for several months in a row.

Hello, my name is ________ I am a skilled graduate in ECE from Seneca College. I have over 7 years childcare experience gained from my practicum experience as well as working for 5 years as an emergency foster care relief worker plus extensive babysitting experience. I am well organized and energetic when it comes to planning and facilitating fun, safe and enjoyable learning activities for children. My immunization record is current along with VSPRC & a valid First Aid & CPR certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. When do I use it?
    – Over the phone during a cold call
    – At a networking event, when a professional contact says “Tell me about yourself”
    – During face to face contact with an employer
    – Anytime you need to summarize your skills & abilities, including job fairs, networking events, professional association meetings
    – Anytime you have an opportunity to market yourself, even on your social media platforms
  2. What do I include in it?
    – Number of years of experience you have in a certain field
    – Your skills abilities, work experience, volunteer experience and/or hobbies
    – Focus on the positive: what you have to offer, including transferable skills
    – Your technical and computer skills
    – Any languages other than English in which you are fluent


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