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Newcomer Youth & Kids: The Benefits of Outdoor Education

Written by Kathryn Clark, Program Facilitator with TDSB Welcoming Communities for Newcomer Youth & Kids. 

Is there a better way to learn about your community than to get outside and explore it? If there is, we can’t think of one. Over the past little while, some of our schools in the Newcomer Program community have had the chance to visit the awesome Toronto Outdoor Education Schools (TOES) locations.

Outdoor education is a wonderful chance for students to try new things, to explore different places, and to learn in an experiential way. We’re so glad that we got to share this experience with our students who are new to Canada, and know that we learned just as much as they did… though it’s up for debate whether our staff or our students had more fun!

From visiting the sugar bush at the Etobicoke Field Studies Centre,  to playing sports inspired by the Arctic Winter Games at the Hillside Outdoor Education School,  the trips were a big hit. One of the great things about living in Canada is that we get to try different activities all year long. With every season comes new fun, and our students got to experience this first hand on our trips.

A huge thank you to the staff at the Etobicoke Field Studies Centre, and the Hillside Outdoor Education School for making these outings so wonderful.

As the Spring season gets started, we know that we can look forward to more learning opportunities, and to more ways to have fun outdoors. Click here for some great ideas on how to keep your kids learning and having fun in the GTA this season.



TDSB Newcomer Services -Welcoming Communities is a structured mentorship program for new Canadian students in TDSB elementary schools, middle schools and secondary schools.

Working alongside our program staff, and a peer helper, newcomer students participate in a variety of group activities designed to help ease some of the transitional challenges faced when settling into Canadian culture.

Activities may include: homework clubs, English conversation circles, sports and recreational activities, table tennis lessons, a reading buddy program, steel pan drums lessons, field trips and a culturally-based culinary program.

For more information see the Host Facilitator at your School, call 416.395.2027, , visit our website, or email us at



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