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JOB SEARCH: Using the Scott’s Online Directory to Research Employers

Written by Rod Scott, Employment Specialist with Next-Steps Employment Centre – Vaughan


Up to 85% of all Canadian jobs are not advertised! How do you find jobs in the hidden job market? One way is the direct or cold contact technique or approach. This is where you research and identify employers, contact them usually via a cold call, and then follow up with your resume.

This is often the most over-looked job search technique, and possibly the most effective.  What makes this technique difficult is the amount of time one needs in researching and identifying the right employers to cold-call.  This is where Scott’s Directories comes to the rescue.  Usually a paid service, Scott’s Directories is available for free at all seven Next-Steps Employment Centres (NSEC).  This online version is a great resource for information on privately-held and publicly-traded Canadian companies.

Benefits of using Scott’s Online Directory:

  • You can search by geographic area, demographics of the companies (number of employees, etc.)
  • You can make lists of companies by their product, business type, brand name, export country, classification (NAICS).
  • You can find the names of the people who actually have the power to hire you – general managers, sales department, human resources managers, etc.  To do this, choose Executives/Executive Functions in Demographics.

Search Tips: 

Start your search by picking a category such as city. Then add more categories one at a time reducing your results to a useful and more specific list.

  • Select the category by clicking on it and select term(s) e.g. you may want to limit it to a specific business type or limit it to companies with more than 500 employees. After you add each limiter, click on Search. Then continue to design your search by using the categories on the left until you are satisfied.
  • If you get too few search results, click on “search criteria used” to see what limiters you have set. You can tweak your search here by clicking on the garbage can to get rid of that limiter.
  • Use the CTRL key to select several options from a category.
    Create a pick list – select only companies you are interested in.
  • You can remove or delete a record from the pick list by un-checking the box beside the company name.
  • To view your pick list, use View Manager.
  • Download or print your search results or your Pick List using Output Manager.
  • You can print or save your results as PDFs. Do not select Data Download – NSEC does not subscribe to this version.
  • Use Summary View Design in User Preferences to decide which information to include in the report.
  • You can choose between Single Profile or Book Style page layout. Book Style is best for a larger number of records.
  • When printing, be sure to change the paper size to legal (8 1/2 x 14) using Print, Preferences on the computer.

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