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JOB SEARCH: How to Prepare for Cold Calling

Written by A. Woelk-Webb, Employment Specialist with Next-Steps Employment Centre – Dundas-Dixie

Cold Calling PreparationCold Calling can be a very effective tool in Job Search. It is the process of calling contacts who you do not know, in order to introduce yourself and see if there are any opportunities available. Before you start cold calling, it is important to prepare yourself and research who you are interested in calling.  It’s a good idea to research and make a list of different companies in your industry that you’d be interested in working for.

Researching Companies

Sourcing Contact Information

When starting your research, think about the information you want to obtain: organizational structure, Hiring Manager or Department Manager name, phone #, what the company does, and if there are current job openings listed on the company website. Additional tips and points to consider when sourcing information for your cold calls include:

  • Visit a company’s website to see if a staff directory is provided online. If not, call the company and ask for the name of their Human Resources Manager and the department head where you wish to work.
  • Contact the people you know in a company and ask them for the names and job titles of the decision makers and hiring managers.
  • Reach out to managers and other decision makers through LinkedIn.
  • Attend job fairs and other events where companies are represented. Speak to their staff. Ask about their hiring needs and request the name and job title of hiring staff. Offer your resume and/or networking card. Follow up with event staff after you have connected with company hiring manager to say thank you. Always thank people for their assistance.
  • Join a networking group or attend a networking event, which you can find on Eventbrite ( or through Meetup ( You will find groups in your area for a wide variety of interests including professional networking in various industries.
  • The library is another option. There are many directories and documents to view, and you can also ask a librarian for some researching tips. They are experts in finding information.

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