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Sample Cover Letter – Entry Level Position

Written by Shilpi Banerjee, Employment Specialist with Next-Steps Employment Centre – Scarborough

Are you planning to apply for an entry level position?  Applying for an entry level position can be a challenge because you may not have a lot of work experience.   Not having allot of work experience shouldn’t limit the impact of your cover letter.  You can  highlight your non-employment related experience in your cover letter and any other information that is relevant to the job.  After all, interviewers are aware that this might be your first position and will look for other qualifying factors.

Below is a sample cover letter to help you get started.


Jose Barista
1700 Chef Avenue | Toronto, ON | L1T 3T3 | 416-123-4567 |
Untitled design
March 1st, 2018

Mr. Jack Newman
Best Fries & Burgers
2520 Charcoal Road, Toronto, ON M2V 2V2

Re: Kitchen Helper

Dear Mr. Newman:
I am currently in high school and would like to apply for the position of Kitchen Helper at Best Fries & Burgers. There was a sign at your restaurant indicating that you are hiring. I have tried your burgers, they are best in town and your staff are always friendly while providing quick service.

As a student, I achieved the highest marks in Math and last year I won two awards in school: one for Responsibility and the other for Teamwork.  During my school’s Open House, I took initiative and volunteered to be an usher where I interacted with parents, provided them information about programs and directed them to the correct booth.  I also volunteered at School Musical Night where I accurately collected cash  for the entrance fee and distributed the tickets to all the guests.  My teachers commended me for contributing my time.  I believe my willingness to work hard and the experience I have gained would prove to be valuable for your restaurant.

I feel confident that my strong communication skills and positive ability to take initiative will make me a great addition to your team.  Please find my enclosed resume for more information on my skills and abilities.  I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience, and can be reached by phone at 416-123-4567 or by email:

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.

Jose Barista

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