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INTERVIEWS: How to Prepare for Video Interviews

Written by Heather Sadlier, Employment Specialist with Next-Steps Employment Centre – Riverdale

Video interviewing is becoming an increasingly common tool that employers are using to evaluate potential candidates for a position within their company. Video interviews can be completed in a variety of ways, either through Skype or through specific software on the company’s website. Employers are using video interviews as part of the hiring process in order to save time and money.

If you have not had a video interview yet, either with recorded answers or live, it is becoming increasingly likely that you will in the future.

As with any interview it is important that you prepare by carefully studying the job posting for any clues as to the types of questions that they may ask you. In addition, it is also important to understand clearly what the organization does and how your skills and experience fit with the needs of the company and the role to which you are applying.

With a video interview you have the added responsibility to be prepared to use the technology.

Tips on how to win your next video interview:

  • Technical Equipment – You will need a computer, tablet, or smartphone that is equipped with a camera microphone and internet access. It is very important that you test your equipment ahead of time to ensure everything is working. If there is software you need to use (ie. Skype) download it ahead of time, and test out the microphone / speakers. Practice using the software, preferably with a friend ahead of time, to ensure you can be seen and heard.  Next-Steps Employment Centres offers FREE computer resources to all clients and monthly workshops including ‘Video Recorded Interview Practice’.
  • Be aware of your surroundings – What will the viewer see behind you during the interview? Can you easily be seen on screen without glare or shadow? Be prepared to have your interview in a location that looks neat on camera, is well lit and quiet with no distracting noises (ie. pets, children, traffic, etc). This will help leave a good impression with the viewer.
  • Dress for Success – You will need to also make sure that you are presentable. Dress as you would for any interview, in a professional, clean and neat manner that matches the dress code of the position.
  • Can you hear me? Test you set up for sound. Are there any loud, distracting noises around you? Pick a location that is quiet without noises from traffic, family members or pets. It would best to be in a room with a door that can be closed to reduce noise and distractions coming from other rooms in your home.
  • Confidence is Key – Take a deep breath before your interview, sit up straight and smile. Like with any interview, talk about your strengths, experience and what you have to bring to the role. Remember: as with any interview, you will get better with practice!

Remember that you don’t have to do it alone! Want to get some help with your job search? Check out our monthly calendars to see upcoming events and workshops, and register at one of our 7 GTA locations. From one-on-one sessions to group workshops, our knowledgeable staff can help with your job search needs. All services are FREE!

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